Iris Van der Kerken



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Iris Van der Kerken (°1976)

I studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Ever since graduation my work has been about developing an outspoken figurative and narrative -often autobiographically inspired- oeuvre.

My way of working isn’t an exuberant exploration or celebration of painting. Layer after layer the images gradually take shape. It is a slow process which is an undeniable display of ongoing inner conversations, self-questioning and considerations.

Oil paint and canvas and the long and rich history of painting are the resources to translate these contemplations into a universal and contemporary pictorial language in order to communicate with a like-minded audience.

My work isn’t about asking for answers to my own personal questions and reflections. It is my way of dealing with everyday life, finding out what and where my place is and trying to grasp what I stand for both as a painter and an individual. It may also both unravel and summarize what I believe to be common feelings or even struggles for many among us.

In fact it is simply an invitation to wander off for a moment in my serene universe.